Banana Fish Episode 16 Spoilers, Release Date, Watch Online


Banana fish is an anime which has been penned down by Hiroshi Seko . It is based on crime-thriller based manga which received its anime adaptation in July 2018. The series follows the character Ash Lynx, who is a teenage gang leader in the New York City.

In the world it is made to believe to that Ash is dead, but he is actually alive. In the article below, we will discuss the possible Banana Fish Episode 16 Spoilers

Banana Fish Episode 16 Spoilers 

Before proceeding to the next chapter, let us gather the happenings of the previous chapter. Eiji has received the bogus news of Ash being dead, tries to make an escape from house arrest

In the last episode, we came to know that Ash is alive and he is currently at National Mental Health Institute

Banana Fish Episode 16 Spoilers

Ash is being experimented for his high IQ levels, but when Golzine came to know about Ash being alive, they have to stop their experiment. Max tries to save the Ash and also Ash himself tries to save himself and kills the guard in order to make an escape.

Banana Fish Episode 16 Spoilers 

Following the spoilers of the next episode, which has been named as “Lo, The Poor Peacock”. We will see that Ash manages to get away from Golzine and Max his also trying his best to help Ash to make an escape

As Max is trying his best to help Ash make an escape, we might see, Max dying in an attempt to save Ash. On the other hand, Ash will be able to escape from the Golzine and his troops.

In the next episode of Banana Fish, the things will get very much interesting

Banana Fish Episode 16 Release Date

Banana Fish Episode 16 will be released on 25th October, 2018


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