Black Clover Chapter 179 Spoilers Raw Scans Translations

Black Clover Chapter 179 Spoilers

In today’s post, I will discuss Black Clover Chapter 179 Spoilers, Raw Scans translation with you. So, let’s begin with a small summary of chapter 178.

Black Clover Chapter 179 Spoilers Raw Scans Translations

Black Clover Chapter 179 Raw Scans

In the last chapter of Black Clover manga, we saw Silva family surrounded by the number of elves. Noelle and Nozel were struggling against them. When it was looking like that they will spend their last time there, Zora showed up to help them. At the end, they were able to break out from the Silva castle.

Black Clover Chapter 179 Spoilers Raw Scans Translations

Here are the rough translations of Black Clover Chapter 179 raw scans.

While the elves, including Alecdora, are disturbed by the magic of the cherry blossoms of Kirsch, members of the Vermilion family evacuate one after the other. Bavarian taking behind Mimosa without being deceived. Mimosa pays attention to Baval who speaks slowly.

Meanwhile, in the king’s house, Langris’s father cannot be fully compensated and is sprinkled with the magic of space. The angry king emits magic of light, but he scratches very hard.

Black Clover Chapter 179 Spoilers

Finesse, trying to stop Langris, will also kill Finral, Yami and Jack ran everywhere except Langris. Yami and Jack attack with Finral’s space magic, but Yami is a cigarette, but Jack gets stolen weapons.

Langris “Although it’s bad, my magic is now attacking enemies who attack them without permission, please, no … to human beings …!”

So in the next chapter, we will see Yami, Jack and Finral fighting against overwhelming Langris.


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