Black Clover Chapter 180 Manga Raw Confirm Summary, Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 180 Manga Raw Scans

In the last chapter of Black Clover, we saw the elves entering into the King’s palace where everyone was helpless against them. They were led by Langris who cancelled out King’s light magic in an instant. When he was about to kill him and others, they were saved by Finral’s spatial magic. After evacuating everyone from the castle, Jack and Yami also reached there. They attacked Langris but they failed even to gaze him and the chapter ends there. Black Clover Chapter 180 Manga raw scans and confirm spoilers are out. So, let’s discuss what are they.

Black Clover Chapter 180 Manga Raw Confirm Summary

Black Clover Chapter 180 Manga Raw Scans

Here is the translated summary of Black Clover Chapter 180.

Finral evacuated his parents and Finesse, the king tried to escape, but Ratri ( elf inside Langris ) stopped him. Jack destroys the king’s room and lets him escape by the death scythe. Ratri releases the demolition of the magical archangel launched at the time of the examination.A final attempt to compensate with the flutter of the fallen angels, but he can not stop in half.

Yami saw the disadvantage of long-term battles. He simultaneous attack with Jack, which has also been able to cut off space magic, and eliminates the automatic defence, but it is not enough. Finral scraped by Ratri magic. Ratri tries to puncture Finral, but Yami and Jack appear in front of him. Finral abandoned the defence and moved the two.
Ratri “However, it’s late, die.”
Finral ‘Save yourself with your friends’
To control the momentum -! What?


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