Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 31 Spoilers, Release Date

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 31 Spoilers

In the last episode of Captain Tsubasa, we have seen the Shizuoka Prefectural Tournament grand finals has begun. Both the teams, Nankatsu and Otomo have reached to the finals beating past the other teams in the tournament. Nankatsu has Tsubasa Ozora as the ace striker, while on the other side we have Nitta whose Falcon shot is very powerful and nerve breaking.

When you look at the team balance, Otomo has upperhand with good offence, good defence and awesome goalkeeper Ichijo

In the initial moments of the match as planned, Tsubasa marks the Nitta, while Kisugi, Taki and Izawa takes the lead on the offensive line. If Tsubasa does not marks Nitta then it will leave him open to take a strong strike. But Otomo quartet including Urable, Nishio, Kishida and Nakayam gives a tough challenge to Nankatsu offense and steal away the ball from them. They march the ball forward and passes it to their ace striker Nitta.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 31 Spoilers

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 31 Spoilers

Nitta gets the hold of the ball, but Tsubasa manages to get the ball from Nitta which leaves him stunned and opens up his offense by marching the ball towards the Otomo goal. But the Otomo quartet does not let the ball pass through, calculating the situation, Tsubasa passes the ball to other player. Both of the teams tries hard to defend the ball and but learning the defense tactics of Otomo quartet, Tsubasa in the near end of first half shoots the ball from far away to launch a strike so powerful and curved in nature tricking the goalkeeper and lands into the nets.

Now, Tsubasa and team are 1 goal ahead of this match, but if you have noticed the look on the face of Nitta, the next half will showcase Nitta brilliance and it will stun everyone

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 31 Spoilers 

Coming onto the spoilers of Captain Tsubasa Episode 31 Spoilers, we will see Nitta tries to master the Jump volley shot in combination with his falcon shot. He will manage to score a goal by perfecting the Jump volley shot and levelling the score to 1-1

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 31 Spoilers

But after learning the tactics, Tsubasa and team will beat Otomo Quartet speed, Nitta and will start making play by passes and will leave no chance to score the goal. Nitta will try hard but only be able to score one goal for his team. In the end, we will see Nankatsu winning the match comfortably with good lead.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 31 Spoilers Release Date

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 31 will be aired on 29th October, 2018



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