Fairy Tail Episode 280 Synopsis, Preview

Fairy Tail Episode 280 Spoilers

Today’s post is all about Fairy Tail episode 280. Fairy Tail final season has marked a great return and with only two episodes it has set a fire in Fairy Tail lovers’ heart. Its fighting scenes with best-ever background music make it more thrilling and give goosebumps. So without any further delay, let’s discuss Fairy Tail Episode 280 spoilers, preview along with the short summary of Fairy Tail episode 279.

Fairy Tail Episode 280 Spoilers

Fairy Tail Episode 279 Summary

Fairy Tail Episode 280 Spoilers

The last episode of Fairy Tail was fire like Natsu. After a long time, we saw Natsu in action but it was only for a moment as Natsu has become stronger than before. In the last episode, Wendy and Sherria were able to defeat the Orochi’s fin members but Bluenote Stringer of Grimoire Heart overwhelmed with his great power. When he tried to kill Sherria Natsu came to the scene and save her. Bluenote reminded him as Fairy Tail’s member he tried to attack him with the Blue hole but get burned down at an instant by Natsu’s flame. When the scene gets calm in the city, Sheria forced Wendy to join Fairy Tail once again as a symbol of their friendship.

Fairy Tail Episode 280 Spoilers, Preview

Here is Fairy Tail episode 280 preview:

In Fairy Tail episode 280, Natsu, Wendy, Lucy and Happy will visit Rain Bringer village in hope to find the other guildmates. There they will find Juvia heartbroken and in a deep depression due to the absence of Grey. She will tell them the precious moments she spent with Grey before he left her. From that day she is waiting for him.

Fairy Tail Episode 280 Spoilers

Natsu will left Wendy to take care of her and head toward Sabertooth to aks find something about Grey. In the next episode, Grey will reveal himself as a member of Dark Guild known as Avatar and his half of the body will be taken over by the power of darkness.

So that’s all about the Fairy Tail episode 280 spoilers. If you want to know more about it comment and share your query with us.


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