Kingdom 578 Manga Raw Scans Confirm Summary

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

Kingdom Manga is an adventure based manga and it has been penned down by the author Yasuhisa Hara. In the chapters going underway, we have been witnessing epic battle and great order of event happening. In the article below, we discuss the  Kingdom 578 Manga Raw Scans Confirm Summary

Kingdom 578 Manga Raw Scans Confirm Summary

In the upcoming chapter of Kingdom, we will see Hi-Shin unit charging up in the night and taking part in the part in the battle under the Shin command with all their strength. Also, we see a conversation between the Shin and Ouhon, here Ouhon will tell Shin that they have to activate both the units “Gyokuhou and Hi-shin in order to win in this battle. Although Karyouten, will try to think of some possible strategy which might help them to win the battle, if the reinforcements are not coming and she is also stressed, that they should do something tomorrow as the food units have been depleted

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

Kingdom 578 Manga Raw Scans Confirm Summary 



And… Karyouten who was overseeing provisions was distressed knowing that tomorrow night’s stock would be the last

She grimaced attempting to find a way to defeat the enemy under those conditions. Karyouten: Tomorrow… if we don’t do something tomorrow, it’ll really be too late… …but… what can be done… this isn’t something that can be done strategically anymore…

En: Can we not send general ousen messages?

Sousui: No, we’ve already done that many times…

Shin: …

Ouhon: ‘footstep’

Shin: !? Ouhon! … What? If you want Ten again, she’s still in the tent

Ouhon: We’re no longer in a state which can be dealt with strategically.

Shin: !? What!?

Ouhon: Akou army is fighting far better than can be expected after losing their leader… but we can not expect more from them. Then, the key to attacking the enemy left wing are the two units, gyokuhou and hi shin.

Shin: Ten’s desperately trying to come up with a strategy because she knows that.

Ouhon: No such convenient strategy exists.

Shin: Huh?

Ouhon: What is required is no longer strategy What we need before tomorrow is… …an awakening of the two units!

Shin: !? An awakening… of the units? W-what do you mean…

Ouhon: …

Ouhon: If reinforcements nor orders are coming, if the right wing is to battle on our own, there is no other way. When the Akou army who were central to us can’t be relied upon, the Gyokuhou and HiShin awakening this night to become stronger than the enemy is the only way to victory!

Shin:….You say that, but… how do you plan to do that in a single night. The HiShin Unit drilled like hell to reach this far. To evolve further… …and in one night!? How’s that supposed to happen!? Ouhon!

Ouhon: How should I know! HiShin’s your unit!

Shin: Ouhon… you’re…

Ouhon: <walking away>

Shin: Hey.

Ouhon: Get this. The only one who can awaken the HiShin Unit is its captain. That’s your job. Make it happen before tomorrow monrning’s battle starts!

Shin:….Q-quit being crazy…! ‘gasp’Hey, wait a minute, Ouhon. What about you?

Kingdom 578 Manga Raw Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga will be released on 31st October 2018


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