Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers, Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

Kingdom Manga is an adventure based manga and it has been penned down by the author Yasuhisa Hara. In the chapters going underway, we have been witnessing epic battle and great order of event happening. In the article below, we discuss chapter 577 and talk about the possible Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

Before proceeding to the Kingdom Chapter 578 Spoilers, let us gather the happenings of the last chapter. In the last chapter of Kingdom, we have seen that Kan Jou and Banyou discussing Ousen Sama suspecting the Hon-Sama not being his son. But Shin heard their talk and started enquiring them about it. Then Banyou shares the story mentioning Hon-Sama mother Shukei-Sama was jewel of Kan Family and her family was considered as noble. Although Ou family was way apart from the Nobles, when these two houses joined together in marriage, long before the wedding it rumour spread through the whole town Shukei Sama is pregnant with someone else child. She was carrying the seed from her previous lover when they wed

Shukei-Sama died while giving birth to Hon-Sama, but kept her lips sealed over this matter.

On the other hand, Karyoten reports right-wing food store has reached its limit, and Akou army only has two days of food remaining. So things are getting very tough, as they won’t be able to replenish their strength without food.

On the Eleventh day at the Battle of Shukai Plains, Zhao army units just not indulging in a heavy fight as they are aware, the food stockpile of the opponent must be at near end. Hon-Sama can be seen fighting against the Zhao army unit

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

Following the Kingdom Chapter 578 Spoilers, The Hon-Sama was fighting in the battlefield with all his energy in order to thrash down the army. While Shin tells Karyoten, that if opponents are getting loose and the food stockpile is also less, we shall mark the enemy down with all our energy

Well, I believe that Ousen is planning something unseen, Ousen can’t give orders to the right wing, if he is not there is HQ. So, Ousen has left the HQ and Zhao may be aware of this fact, that’s why they have been sitting back from last two days

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

On the other hand, Ousen is allowing the Zhao to believe that they can win the war with attrition. Ouhon and Shin will go all out on the 11th day and making Zhao believe it. Ousen is making this happen without even having communication with M.O. This also sets Riboku not to make any move.

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers

In amidst of all this, Ousen will get time to make a plan and pay them off.

Talking about the Hon-Sama, not being Ousen son is just a rumour, the facts and theories from the previous chapters suggest that Ousen had the ambition to take the throne, and in order to protect his husband and son from rivals, her wife kept mum about this thing. Ousen may look like he is avoiding Ouhon but he cares him in a different way

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga Spoilers Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 578 Manga will be released on 31st October 2018


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