Naruto Boruto Episode 80 Spoilers, Preview, Watch Online


Mitsuki Arc is going to end very soon. So, all together this arc is really better than the previous ones. I think it’s going to max 1-2 episodes for the Mitsuki arc. Now as a Boruto fan and blogger, I am going to give you some update for the next episode of the Boruto. So, this post is all about Boruto Episode 80 spoilers. As this post contains a lot of spoilers, if spoilers don’t bother you please continue reading.

Boruto Episode 80 Spoilers, Preview

In the latest episode, we saw that Boruto and his team got help from some mysterious guy. That helps them to speed up and meet Mitsuki as soon as possible. Episode 79 was super awesome. As we heading towards next episode, these are the events which will happen in Boruto Episode 80.

Boruto Episode 80 Spoilers

In the Boruto Episode 80 preview, Kokuyo was interested and asked; “Has Mitsuki at any point cried previously?” obviously, the appropriate response from Mitsuki was at no other time. From that point onward, at that point, Kokuyo again asked what he was considering, that if Boruto passed on, would Mitsuki cry? Furthermore, Kokuyo is still asking the same thing in the preview of Boruto episode 80, namely “Isn’t Boruto your best friend?”, Roughly, what is the answer that came out of Mitsuki? Maybe he wants to know how much Boruto is important to Mitsuki. And then “Boruto is more than my closest companion, he is light and like the Sun for me.”  this will be the answer of Mitsuki. This shows that Boruto is most important to Mituski.

Boruto Episode 80 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 80 Spoilers

To the opposite side, see Boruto scene 80 pursued by the assault of the Tsuchikage Fourth otherwise known as Kurotsuchi by a strange individual! According to our source, that person is mastermind Lord Ku. On the off chance that we put off quickly to the storyline in Kirigakure, Chojuro as Mizukage partook together with Boruto and the others. So, there will be a lot of action in Boruto Episode 80. Besides this, The episode will be titled as “Companion Mitsuki”. What do you think, Mitsuki will return to Konoha? Let’s hope Mitsuki will return, Otherwise, this will be same as whole Naruto Series.

Boruto Episode 80 Preview


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