One Piece 923 Spoilers Manga Raw Scan Release Date

One Piece 923 Spoilers

In today’s post, we will discuss possible One Piece 923 spoilers and manga raw scans release date as chapter 922 is nearly out and was good like the previous one.

One Piece 923 Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan Release Date

One Piece 923 Spoilers

In One Piece 922, we get to see the Kaidou in his dragon form. He came to the Okobore town himself to find the Straw hats as they are the one who hindered his plan of making smiles. Upon seeing Kaidou in the sky, Luffy ran towards the town. Law thought about the failure of their plan if Luffy ran into Kaidou, so he also went to stop him.

On the other hand, Hawkins told drunk Kaidou about the Straw Hat’s location as Oden’s castle to prevent the labours and townsfolk from Kaido’s rampage. When Nami and others were trying to escape from the castle, Kaido came there and blown them away with his breath. But he wasn’t aware that Luffy was just above him. Seeing his friend’s hurt, Luffy attacked Kaido with Elephant Gun.

One Piece 923 Spoilers

One Piece 923 Spoilers

I think One Piece chapter 923 will not be a good one for the Luffy is against Kaido. In the next chapter, we will see a short teaser of Luffy Vs Kaido. It will not be the final fight, but it gonna be a fierce one where we will get to know about Kaido’s devil fruit’s power. Luffy will not reveal his full power and will try to buy time to let his friends escape. Law will also join him as he doesn’t have any other option than fighting.

One Piece 923 Spoilers

We will see Luffy and Law defeated by Kaido. Kaido will put them in the jail like Eustass Kid. From there, strawhats and others without Luffy, Zoro and Law will regroup and continue their plan to not only raid on Onigashima but to rescue Luffy and Law.

In the next chapter, we will also get to know about Shutenmaru’s decision on joining Beast Pirates. Will he join the beast pirates or face the wrath of Jack and Kaido? It will be interesting to see.

One Piece 923 Manga Raw Scans Release Date

One Piece 923 manga raw scans will be out on 2nd November while official chapter will be released on 5th November.


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