One Piece 924 Spoilers Manga Raw Scans Release Date, Possible Theory

One Piece 924 Spoilers Manga Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 923 is mostly out it was a tough one for Luffy as he finally realized where he stands against Yonko Kaido. In chapter 923, we see beaten up speed telling him that she failed to protect O-Tama. To protect his crew and end all problems, Luffy ignored Law’s suggestion of escaping and transformed into Bounce Man to attack Kaido. When none of his attacks worked on Kaido’s human form, Kaido sent him flying away with one punch. Luffy lied on the ground unconscious with blood running from his head. It was the worst condition we ever saw Luffy in. What will happen to him next chapter ?? let’s discuss it in today’s One Piece 924 spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 924 Spoilers- Luffy’s Fate

One Piece 924 Spoilers

One thing is sure that this defeat will make Luffy realise his power level compared to Kaido’s. He was nowhere near to the Kaido’s strength in chapter 923 and beaten up only with one punch. How he will become the Pirate King in his current power level?? is a question rising in mind of fans as Luffy’s fourth gear is nothing against Kaido’s punch. Maybe we will find out all answer in coming chapters.

As regarding the One Piece 924 chapter, we will not see Luffy dead as Kaido will detain him to lure out the rest of the alliance’s members to save him. Kaido will not take any chance to lose the trails of the alliance by killing Luffy right there.

One Piece Chapter 924 Spoilers

One Piece 924 Spoilers

We will also see Law escaping from there and regrouping all the members of the alliance to formulate a new plan to save Luffy. Luffy will end up in the cell where Kid is chained by Beast Pirates. We might see some plan between Luffy and him to escape from the cell.

One Piece Chapter 924 Manga Raw Scans Release Date

One Piece Chapter 924 manga raw scans will be out on 9th November while official chapter will be released on 12th November.


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