One Piece Episode 859 Preview, Synopsis

One Piece Episode 859 Spoilers

Apart from the great run of One Piece manga, One Piece anime is also running good in the whole cake island arc. In One Piece episode 858, we saw Luffy fighting against Katakuri in his fourth gear, but he ran out of Haki in the middle of the fight. He began to run away from Katakuri to restore his Haki. When Katakuri nearly took him off, he saw Brulee hiding near him. Luffy took her to escape to the Nuts Island where Big Mom was rampaging to eat cake. One Piece episode 859 preview has been released. So, let’s discuss One Piece episode 859 spoilers and preview.

One Piece Episode 859 Spoilers, Preview

One Piece Episode 859 Preview

In One Piece episode 859, we will see Luffy trying to spend the 10 minutes in secret, but Big Mom pirates will find him.

One Piece Episode 859 Spoilers

Prospero will also know his location, but Luffy will avoid every one of them with Brulee as a hostage. As we all know Luffy is a man of his word, he will make it back to the mirror world after restoring his Haki to continue his battle with Katakuri.

One Piece Episode 859 Preview

On the other hand, we will see Sanji getting ready for delivering the cake to the Big Mom. But, we will see Oven there who will block the delivery of cake because of the presence of Chiffon. The oven will beat Chiffon and his stepfather, pound to the ground. Upon seeing the Oven’s rudeness, Sanji will kick him to the unconsciousness and leave for delivering the cake.

We will also see Bege’s return to rescue his wife from the Big Mom Pirates.

Episode 859 will be out tomorrow and you can Watch One Piece Episode 859 Eng Subbed Online only on Funimation.


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