Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 284 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 284 Spoilers

Another interesting arc has been kicked off in Shokugeki No Soma manga, where chefs from all around the world are gathered at Blue to compete for the world’s no.1 chef position. Soma is also participating there to fulfil his dream. But will he be able to survive where underground chefs are king of the tournament? it will be clear in the next chapter. But you don’t have to wait for the next chapter as we have confirmed Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 284 Spoilers right here for you.

Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 284 Spoilers

According to the, here is the confirmed Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 284 spoilers summary.

Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 284 Spoilers

Chefs at Gate 1 will be divided in a group of 3. Soma, Takumi, and Megumi are all in different groups. The judge is an ex-midnight chef who was active several years ago in Japan. He is supposed to be hospitalized, but came here for this occasion. He was also a part of the imperial Japanese army. After the war, he was active as a chef in the underground world, and he was talented enough to get recruited to the Noir.

The challenge is to present the last supper deserving of this old man. Chefs that aren’t part of the underground are struggling with this challenge. They are allowed to take 5 minutes to ask questions to the judge like where his hometown is etc. but no proper answers comes out from him.

In contrast, the noir are relaxed. One noir realizes that Soma isn’t panicking like the other chefs. And to provoke him, the noir says that if he’s going to die, then it’s best to at least eat something from his hometown. Soma finds something weird about this challenge, and the noir thinks that Soma is clever.

The old man finally tells them that he grew up in a rural area of the Tokai Region. The miso stewed udon and Gohei Mochi he ate with his family and friends is something he still can remember. Japanese chefs are good at perfectly adjusting to the preference of their customers at a high level, so the Noir and foreign chefs are at a disadvantage.

Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 284 Spoilers

Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 284 Spoilers

Non-underground chefs are presenting their dishes, and they all fail. But one Noir after another pass. In reality, this challenge is a lucky task for the Noir. The Noir that approached Soma presents a heavy beef meal to the judge. It doesn’t look like something one should give to a hospitalized old man, but the Noir still passes the challenge.

The noir have experience in cooking the last supper for people that screwed up in an organization and would get executed. So they know very well how to satisfy people like him. While it’s not a mistake to present dishes that comes from his hometown, the non-underground chefs are trying too hard to adjust to the preference of the old man. The type of dish that they need to present are like the ones from the Noir that contains the kind of quality that makes dying acceptable.

The organizers of BLUE plan to disqualify people that fail to grasp this. The Noir thinks that it’s understandable for Soma to be irritated, considering he knows it’s an unfair task to the non-underground chefs. However, the reason why Soma is bothered is because it’s the last supper.

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